Who Am I???

Hi, I'm The Health Goddess!!!

Okay, I must admit, I am not really the definition of a HealthGoddess.  Well, not yet.

The point of this blog is to become healthy in the way that I define healthy.  It's not about wearing a size 4, waking up at 4am to run 10 miles, or counting carbs...calories...fat...or whatever else there is to count.

In fact, it is not about limiting myself AT ALL!  It is about expanding my horizons to see the world in a new light.

A healthy light!

A HealthGoddess focuses on cooking healthy, eating healthy, living healthy, and thinking healthy.

So, in order to become this HealthGoddess that I speak of, I must first accomplish a number of goals that I have set for myself.  I am going to work through each of these goals and blog about the up's and down's until I have accomplished them all.  I have not set a time limit in which they are to be accomplished.  I'm goin' to take it one bloggy day at a time!

Ready to hear those goals??

   Daaaa Goals:

*Develop the knowledge to "transform" UNhealthy recipes into healthy recipes

*Become a Juicer

*Complete one quilt

*Complete a 5k

*Take a (or many) French speaking class(es)

*No meat for 30 (consecutive) days

*Try something Xtreme (out of my comfort zone) at least once a month

*Complete a 10k

*Eat Vegan for 30 (consecutive) days

*Complete a Half Marathon

*Have a Daily Quiet Time (30 minutes or more) for 30 (consecutive) days

*Complete a duathlon

*Become a Sprouter

*Incorporate super foods into my meals, regularly

*Develop a personalized (& do-able) exercise routine for myself

*Eat raw for 30 (you guessed it...consecutive) days

*Eat all natural foods with all natural ingredients

*Complete a triathlon

*Start or work closely with a charity

*Follow my Fly Lady schedule for 30 (consecutive) days

Like I said, I haven't limited my health to just looking good.  A Health Goddess feels good about her body, mind, and soul...clique sounding, I know!  But, those are the three areas that I will target.  I am going to work on eating the healthiest and freshest food, exercising my body in new and exciting ways, and sloooowing down to enjoy and accomplish those little things that I have always wanted to do, just so I can say "I did it!".

In other words, at the end of my project, this HealthGoddess...will have it goin' on!! (in more ways than one! ;)

Q: What do you do to make sure that you will accomplish your goals? Any and all advice is appreciated!!

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  1. a good way to accomplish your goals is posting them on a blog like you did, that way other people can remind you. An inspiration board would be a good idea as well, or having the goals written down somewhere that you always look. I want to do a 5k and a 10k, but i'm not a runner... yet. I love your goals, its ALL about a complete healthy lifestyle. Love it :)